Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back Home

Hello! Greetings from Superior, WI where its near as hot as it was in China.

I am back from Beijing and it is great to be home! However, my departure was bittersweet. It was sad to say good bye not only to my students, but to those I served with as well, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I will see you all again, but not yet, not yet.

I need to take a moment to reflect on all that I experienced and on the things God showed me. The greatest part of my overall experience was living and working in a Christian community. Being surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ all of the time was amazing. It reminded me of life in the early church - being in a society that persecutes Christianity and living with and relying on your Christian family for all you need.
God showed me what it is like to rely on Him for all you need as well. I did not have easy access to the things I have here, which made communication difficult. I was forced to give control to God. After I did, it was truly a relief. He no longer needs to force me to give up control, I want to give it up willingly any time! Quite the lesson in patience and trust!

The greatest part of our time spent teaching was getting to know the students. They were very thankful for our presence there and after only a short while, they began to question why we were truly in China. This led to many questions and these questions led to opportunities to share Christ with them.

I have more to write, but have to sign out for now.

Friday, July 24, 2009

China Calling Coming to a Close

Dear Family,
Things here at TIP have been moving fast of late. The free time that I have I use to sightsee and spend time with the other teachers as in a few days I may never see them again. In a only a few days I head back to the States! I must apologize to you for not writing more, but as I see it, I will see nearly all of you who are reading this very soon. Seeing you face to face and being able to share everything with you then will bring me great joy! Besides, I can only share so much on here due to government restrictions, so there is so much more to tell you when I see you. I will save the stories until then. I will take this time to explain a little bit about what I will be doing until I see you.
Today is the last “regular” day of classes and normal weekday events for the students. Their last day here is Sunday. Sunday will be their practicum which will be graded by their fellow classmates. Sunday is also the closing ceremony. Sunday is farewell and it will be a very emotional time. There is so much prep work and busy time before this that we don’t think about tomorrow very much. This makes things less difficult. After the students leave on Sunday, all of the staff here will be going out to dinner for a staff farewell celebration. Teachers begin to depart starting tomorrow already as the flights are very staggered. There are also four teachers who are leaving tomorrow to go to a middle school in Beijing to teach for several weeks. Monday is clean up day, but there won’t be too much to clean up as the next crew is here and the next session begins in less than a week. The new crew is in quarantine and we will not get to meet them. There are only about seven of them compared to the near forty we had this session! My flight leaves Wednesday so I have Tuesday free to sightsee with some remaining staff. I arrive in Chicago on Thursday morning and will be taking a bus to Minneapolis that day arriving around 3 in the afternoon. I will stay with mom and dad for a night and the next day I will be going to Cumberland, WI to visit Kjrstin’s family at their cabin. I will be back in Superior on the 2nd of August. I’m looking forward to be coming home (home as in all of these places in the States!).
As I close, please remember to pray for the students. Please pray for the teachers as well, as we need lots of energy for the next two days. Pray for more opportunities to share our faith. Pray for safe travels and Gods continued provisions.
As always, thank you for praying. See you soon, Jeremy

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

China sessions begin...

Dear Family and Friends,
It is the middle of the second week of the session. It has been a very enjoyable time here with the students! I feel like I have shared a lot about what I am doing here so I would just let to take time to explain in this post about a club I am facilitating. It is called the Relationship Club and it is one hour each day for three days. All clubs only last three days because of the amount of students. In our club yesterday I taught the students about the 5 Love Languages. They really enjoyed it! They filled out the survey to discover their love language and, not surprisingly, everyone in the room had their strongest love language as Acts of Service! 16 people scored this one. The next highest was Quality Time. 8 people had this one. The only other love language that scored the highest for anyone was Physical Touch. Only one person had this one! We discussed the results afterwards and came up with some cultural explanations for why acts of service and quality seem the norm (this was for men and women alike). It was great to be able to share a Christian authors perspective on love with them.
Another club of interest (that I am not involved in) is the Bible Club. This club is invitation only – meaning the facilitators have to invite the students. I can tell you more about this in person when I return, but there are seven students in the club right now (one of them is from our class). This is exciting because I believe there will be many more in the club by the end of the session (Bible Club is the only club that lasts the entire session). I say this because while some students are more open about their faith, others are not, so it may take time for them to feel safe here. And, of course, there is always a chance of our father working here in the lives of those who don’t know him.
TIP does a great job of incorporating the good news into every activity they can. For instance, there is a Holiday Club where the students spend a day learning about Christmas and another day learning about Easter! In our class, Ray begins each day with his Proverb of the Day, and has the students discuss what the verse(s) mean.
There is so many other good things going on here for the students and for the teacher as well. It is a great place to be surrounded by brothers and sisters who walk the same walk. I am growing in my faith daily it seems and while there are always setbacks, I am learning so much and I am so thankful to be here. I wouldn’t be here without you and I remind myself this often as I am here because He sent me through you. Thank you.
Jeremy J

Friday, July 10, 2009

China! The teaching begins

Hello Everyone!
Our students arrived yesterday and have been going through orientation. I am helping facilitate a class of thirty with another teacher, Ray. I met our students today and they are very friendly! I am looking forward to getting to know them. Our weeks will excelerate from here on out so please pray for energy for all of the teachers. The students are here for the next 20 days and every day is a jampacked schedule for them! From 7a til 10p they are busy learning and they must only speak English! Please pray for them as well! Many come from far away and many have never been to Beijing or even interacted with foreigners before! It is a nervous experience for many of them.
There are near 400 students and they come from all over China. They represent around twenty provinces. Some come from Beijing and others from hundreds of miles away. Most are teachers, the rest are university students and nearly all teach English in their schools. This session there are many students who have very good English and are looking to improve – there were not many students who scored low on their entrance interviews. This helps them understand us better of course, but this also means they expect a lot out of us as teachers! I explained to my students that I am not a teacher back home, but they are very respectful of that fact and look forward to getting to know me.
Class time begins tomorrow and while it is only a 2 hour block of time, the rest of the day the students are scheduled with all sorts of English training through various means. It is all centered around the students teaching each other and hence the English “teachers” are given the title “facilitator.” We facilitate their language learning while they actually teach each other and themselves. We are here to give them encouragment and direct their study.
I appreciate all of your prayer support. Please continue to pray for the list below and also for my health as I have been having a hard time recently with the food. I have a hard time eating much food at our meals and I will most likely lose some weight from the trip because of this. I am healthy otherwise, thank you!
Love and miss you all!
Love, Jeremy

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day From China

July 4th
Our students arrive here at the campus in four days. Tomorrow is the fourth of July and the first time that I won’t be celebrating it in the usual way. We will be celebrating with ice cream! Ice cream snacks are a common item with vendors and shops – its common to see many people walking down the street eating them too. A popular one among the teachers is the magnum bar which is reminiscent of a vanilla ice cream bar with nestle crunch coating. Its quite delicious and refreshing in this hot dry weather.
The name of the campus we live, train, and will teach at is the Yuan Ming Yuan Campus. It is part of Peking University, but the main Peking campus is only about 10 minutes from here. The day we were released from quarantine, I went running in the morning with five other male teachers. We ran past several of the main campus buildings – one of them was the gymnasium which housed the Olympic table tennis championships. I have yet to play table tennis. It seems the staff must have lost their equipment for the sport in the move. We have outdoor stone table tennis tables – all weather tables if you will; with wire netting. I get the urge to fire a ball across those tables whenever I walk by.
We were at last assigned our roles for when the students arrive. I will be running games for my class. My class meets in the morning for two hours Tuesday through Saturday. On the weekends (Sun – Mon) I am a morning facilitator, which means I will be monitoring students during their study times, helping them with assignments. I am also co-leading a sports club and a relationship club. Other than this, other regular duties include dorm visits and breakfast greetings. We get one complete day off each week, but while it might seem like our days are full, we do get many breaks. Even the students get an hour each day specifically designed for them to take naps.
It will be very difficult for the students while they are here. For three weeks, keeping with the rules of TIP, they are not allowed to speak their native language. Anytime they are caught speaking their language, they receive a citation given by the teachers and staff. After their fourth citation they cannot graduate. They can remain or go home. Pretty strict but its proven to work! Its rare that people go home from this though. Majority of the students have a strong desire to succeed. So the staff and alumni tell us!
I am looking forward to the students finally arriving. Training can become long and tiresome. We have been blessed with some sightseeing however! We visited part of the Great Wall and that was fantastic! I am hoping for a chance to post pictures to facebook when I have my day off. We also had a day where we strolled through a larger shopping area. Its nice to be out of quarantine! Thanks for praying!
On Sunday we will be attending one of the government sanctioned churches called the Haidian (the name of our district) Church. Im looking forward to this!
Some things to pray for:
Good health for all teachers. Loving hearts for our students. Strong bonds among teachers. Internet situation.
Thank you for praying. God bless! Love, Jeremy ( (I cannot access Yahoo here)

Monday, June 29, 2009

China! The sequel

Dear Family,
Because of limited internet access here, I cannot always use or The government has blocked these websites from their people. However, one computer that belongs to one of the staff has international internet access on it. It is rare we get the chance to use this computer. I have since set up a G-mail account: Please write me here. Please refer to the guidelines before writing to me. If you do not know what the guidelines are, please contact Pastor Darrell from CMA or Pastor Curt from NorthBay, my mom or dad, or Kjrstin. They can let you know what the appropriate email messages should be.
It is our fourth day of quarantine, meaning on the 30th we will finally be free to roam the campus! This is exciting because the campus has many shops, restaurants, and, hopefully, places to access the internet! Even if the internet in wifi cafĂ©’s is local I can at least access my account. I was told that we may get wireless here soon. It may seem odd that we don’t have wifi here. Let me tell you why this is.
A week before I arrived on campus, Teach Overseas emailed us and told us that the TIP (Total Immersion Program) group would be moving to a new campus. This has good and bad ramifications. Bad because living conditions here are much different than the original campus. The other campus had much cozier rooms each with their own showers and bathrooms. The other campus was much larger. The campus here is smaller, but is located in a much better place – much closer to shops, restaurants, and site-seeing. The other campus was located fifteen miles from anything; a very isolated place. I would trade comfortable living for a place that is blocks from places to go, things to see and do.
Due to the recent change of campuses, TIP is still in the process of moving. In fact, the day our quarantine ends, we are going to the original campus to help TIP move everything. We do not have much here due to the timing of the TIP campus moving, our arrival, and the gov’s forced quarantine. This is also why there is no internet set up here. I should be thankful we have at least one line of internet access that someone is borrowing to us (I don’t know much about it other than only one computer is allowed on at a time).
Pray that God provides us all with His strength to make it until the 30th.
Pray that everyone here can maintain a godly love for one another while we are forced in such close proximity with each other.
Pray that I personally will handle the living arrangements and lack of communication with everyone home.
Pray for one of our teachers who is in the hospital recovering from the flu. He was pulled off the plane when he landed in Beijing – the gov is not taking any chances with the swine flu. This teacher will be going home after his hospital stay. Pray that no one else here gets sick before quarantine ends!
Love and miss you all, Jeremy


Dear Family,
You may be wondering why I haven’t posted anything since I have entered Beijing. Sadly, China has blocked the website that hosts my blog. Since I cannot access my blog, I have had a family member post this to my blog via their computer in the States. I cannot say much about being in China yet other than tell you about the food because we have been in quarantine since the 23rd which is when I arrived. Due to the government taking swine flu precautions, we are not allowed to leave our campus building for the first seven days of our stay. While we do have a small patio where we eat our meals, we are not allowed beyond that patio outside. We are also not allowed contact with people outside our group other than the staff members who were here when we arrived. This confinement hasn’t been a problem, but I am writing this on my second complete day here, so I can imagine it could start to get difficult in a few days. Please pray this doesn’t happen.
Our building is big, but we are only allowed to go in part of it. There are two hallways which house all of our dorm rooms, our one classroom, kitchen, bathrooms, and girls showers. The patio is at one end of the hallway and the guys shower building is attached to it. It is modest living to be sure. Cement concrete floors layered with dust even in our rooms. Each room has two beds, two small desks, two stools, and one shelving unit. Praise God we have AC in our room! I am rooming with another teacher named Michael.
Everyone here is amazing to get along with and spending these days quarantined has forced us to get to know each other whether we wanted to or not! There are about 30 teachers here and four staff members who have been doing a great job helping us get settled in. There are also about six teachers who have done summer trips with Teach Overseas before. They have been assisting the staff with our training, which has been fairly intense – intense in the sense that we don’t have a lot of time in between training sessions. I have learned a lot already and we don’t start teaching until July 7th!
Our students will join us on July 7th and graduation is July 28th. Most if not all of the students will be teachers of the English language from schools all over China. They will already have a knowledge of the language so they come to better their English speaking. The staff tells us that these Chinese teachers are always very excited to be taught by English speaking foreigners and are very appreciative of the help. When they come to our campus we will divide them into groups based on how well they can speak English.
So much to write, so little time! I will write again as soon as I can. I hope this letter finds you all well. If you wish to contact me, write me at I’d love some encouragement!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Visited my Aunt and Uncle (my dads sister) in Southern Wisconsin today. They live in the house where my dad grew up. I am now in Chicago with my mom and Grace. Grace got an employee discount on a Holiday Inn right near the airport. There is a shuttle to the airport in the morning. My flight leaves at 6:30 am. Ill write more tomorrow. Im tired, but really really excited!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Leaving Soon!


I am leaving in 3 days for Beijing! Please pray for my flight...its going to be very long! Here's the details:

I am leaving this Saturday for Stacy, MN to spend some time with Kjrstin and her family. From here I go to Crystal, MN to my parents house where I will spend the night. My mom, Grace, and I are leaving early Sunday for Chicago. We are staying overnight in a hotel near the OHare Airport. My first flight leaves Monday morning at 6am. I will probably need to be at the airport around 4:30am. My first stop is in LA. I have a five hour wait between flights there. I will be meeting Henry, who has been our main liason with Teach Overseas, at the airport. It will be nice to have company in between as I am taking these flights alone! From LA I fly to Korea. There is a short wait there and I fly to Beijing. I am expected to land around 8pm on Tuesday. Pray that this journey will not leave me in too rough of a mindset! The last flight is with 2 other teachers so pray that I will get to meet them possibly in Korea. I am excited about being in Beijing...not so much for the flight over!

I have exceeded my need for finances! Thank you to everyone who supported me. I appreciate all you have done. Please keep me in prayer! Please email me as well! I would love to hear from you!

For now,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Free fundraising thermometer
Welcome to my Beijing Blog!

I leave for Beijing in 13 days!! I am getting very excited to go. I am also nervous, so please keep me in prayer!

As you should all know by now I must raise $4200 to go on this trip. Well......I am at $3648!!
This leaves $552 left to raise. Praise God! It has been a wonderful journey of support raising. I want to thank everyone for their help with ideas and thank everyone for their prayers. The support has literally been overwhelming. This $3648 has come from only 50 people! That, to me, is amazing. If you haven't had a chance to give yet, don't worry, because there is no deadline for giving. You can still give while I am in Beijing and when I am home again. However, I am praying and believing God will provide the remaining balance before I leave for China.

I am thankful for everyone who supported me going on this trip. You showed your trust in God through believing that I was doing the right thing. Thank you for this. It means everything to me!

Please pray for the following things regarding the trip:
Safe travels (I am traveling alone)
I am still waiting for my visa (pray it comes this week)
Safety for myself and the rest of the team while we are there
Opportunities to share our faith

Thanks for praying!

If you are interested in giving, please see older posts for details. Thanks!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009


If you are new to my blog, please scroll down to older posts for info regarding my trip to Beijing and how you can assist me in getting there! As you can see by the next post down, I am nearing the goal! Praise God!

It has been one week since I returned from Detroit Lakes with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Since then I have worked and spent some time in the cities visiting my wonderful family. Mom and Dad are moving from Rogers to Plymouth and I returned home with a car full of stuff they didnt want anymore. Our place in Superior now has a new end table and a keyboard in the dining room.

I promised to tell you about the IVCF retreat. It was amazing!! The purpose of the retreat was to train leaders for IV for this coming school year. Each day was a different theme and each speaker was a staff member from the various schools IV chapters represented there. Those schools were UWS, UMD, St Scholastica, UofM, Winona, ND State U, and a few others I cant remember. In a nutshell, we moved from meals to large group sessions, to small groups, to chapter times, to free time, to organized games, to quiet times, to sleep. Small groups gave each person a chance to lead discussion for their assigned day. Large groups brought everyone together in the chapel building. Chapter time was the time each school spent together prepping things for IV for the fall.

Two of the best things that we did there was the service day on Wednesday where my small group and two other small groups laid mulch for a park reserve, and the other thing was Thursday we spent an hour and a half in a quiet time with God. Both of these things were really powerful.

I could really spend a long time talking about this retreat. I met some amazing people and new friends and though it was a very structured time, it also gave me a chance to relax after a tough semester. If you have any questions about the retreat, definitely ask me because it was an awesome experience and I would love to tell you more!

For now, Peace in Christ,


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Quick Update

The reason I post those thermometers is so that I can copy and paste them into a word document and, in turn, print them off for my two Beijing Boards I keep at CMA and NBCC churches. I use my blog to translate the html code from the website where it comes from.

Im currently in a hurry so I will update more very soon. I got back from IV retreat last night and it was a blast. I look foward to telling you about it very very soon!


Fundraising Update

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


If you are new to my blog, please make sure to visit older posts. If you are interested in donating to my trip, please scroll down a few posts for info on how to.

As you can see by the previous post, I am halfway to my goal! However, time is running out and I still have $2100 left to raise. If youre going to donate, please do it soon!

I am getting very excited as the time draws closer. I am still finishing up this semester with two finals tomorrow. Please pray for me!

One final update: On Monday May 18th I will be heading to Detroit Lakes, MN for a leadership retreat with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. I will be spending Monday through Friday there with my friends Joel and Amos, both of whom I will be working with at IVCF this fall at UWS. I am looking forward to this retreat! Praise God for IVCF for paying for me to go!!

In Christ,
Jeremy Barden

Monday, May 4, 2009



I want to update everyone on my donation status. I have so far received $1158.00!
I am excited to see the donations coming in. This amount is only from a handful of people so I am really believing that God will meet the goal very soon.

My online account is not updated every day. I check it every day anyways! Please continue to pray. Know that you can give more than once as well!

My time at CMA last Sunday went very well! I felt well received. It was an emotional time for me as CMA is the church I grew up in and I am still very close to many of the people who attend there. They even let me join their worship team that Sunday! It was great to play the drums with Eric, Betsy, Matt, and Pastor Darrell. I really enjoyed the time there and I want to thank everyone for the opportunity to talk!

For anyone from North Bay who is reading this: Please make sure to visit my "Beijing Board" which will be up in the sanctuary this week, from now until I return from Beijing. Just look for a display board near the front of the room.

Thank you for reading and may God bless your life today and this week!

Monday, April 27, 2009

CHINA Update

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for reading and supporting! I am starting to see the beginnings of my financial support coming in. I have an online account at where I can track who is sending support as I am asking everyone to send their donations strait to Teach Overseas. This cuts out the middle man (me!) and saves money on postage and makes things just run smoother.

It is exciting to see the financial support coming in. I would also appreciate your encouragement through letters and emails. If you wish to do this, please write me at

1616 N 22nd St
Superior, WI 54880

Or email me at or, if you have a blogger account, just leave a comment underneath this post! Many of you also use facebook, which is another fantastic way to reach me.
These are the best methods, you can call me, but I keep a busy schedule and it is easier for me to take time out to read your letters. I appreciate your understanding.

Ill keep everyone posted and if this is your first time here, just read the previous two posts to get up-to-date. Thanks!
Love, Jeremy

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Trip to China

Hello Again!!

You are here to read about my trip to China! If you are interested in receiving a support letter as well, please let me know!

On June 21st I will take my flight to Beijing where I will meet someone from Teach Overseas who will take me to Peking University for my five week stay as an ESL teacher. I will be staying on the campus with the rest of the Teach Overseas volunteers and staff. We will be assisting the university students in their ESL classes and spending our time outside the classroom with them as well.

This is my first trip outside of the United States and I am very excited! In order to go to China, I need support from my church body, my family and friends! If you are interested in how to help, you can pray for me and support me financially. I would appreciate both, but understand if you cannot give during this time. I would ask that you pray that God will open the doors for others to give and pray for wisdom for me.

If you are interested in making a donation, please go to
where you can use paypal or credit card. Just select "contribute to teacher or staff member" and put my name in the boxes.

You can also send a check to Teach Overseas by using the address given on the same webpage listed above. Just make sure to write my name on the MEMO line of your check.

Either way you give, Teach Overseas will notify me of your contribution.

Thanks for your time and please continue to visit this blog for updates. I will even continue to update my blog while in China!

Thank you!! Love, Jeremy

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Quick Update. A Call for Prayer.


I thought I would take time to update you on a few things! I really appreciate you taking your time to read this. I wouldn't take the time to post this if I knew you weren't going to read it.

First, and most pressing: I have a job interview at Woodland Hills for a position as a Youth Treatment Specialist! I believe I could benefit greatly from this job and I am asking you pray for wisdom and peace. Also, that when the interview happens (Wed, April 8th) I would not be anxious.

Second: I am going to China this summer (June 21st through August 1st)! I am going with Teach Overseas as a teacher of English. I will update you more on this later, but I ask also for you prayer support. Please pray again for wisdom, but also that God will work in your heart and in the hearts of all my loved ones to assist me in going on my first missions trip!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Search for a peaceful study area

Dont get me wrong. I love being back at UWS. For those of you who dont know, Im back at UWS! I really like this school, but to my knowledge there is no quiet place on campus to study. This is really frustrating. This is largely due to the fact that UWS is going through a campus wide construction/remodeling.

It begins with the new student center. The construction cuts right through the center of campus. It has forced the on campus traffic to flow through every building on campus. No building is safe from this traffic save the Health and Wellness Center. This is amusing seeing as you wouldnt normally consider the Health and Wellness Center a nice place to study. However, it really is! More on this in a moment.

The other issue is the Library which is currently getting remodeled. For those like me who use the library as a safe haven from noise, this is a serious issue. I just transferred from UMD where the library is THE perfect place to study. The problems on the UWS campus are making me consider going all the way to UMD's library to study! In fact, on the occassions I have a larger load of homework, I plan on going there to study.

The library here at UWS has been temporarily moved into the student center. This temp library has white tiled floors and is brighter than a taning. The floors reflect the light even more contributing to the tanning bed affect. I would not study in an uncomfortable place such as that.

Then there are the few computer labs on campus. People DO NOT respect the computer labs. People talk, answer their phones, and laugh out loud viewing youtube. It is ridiculous.

My search is not for a quiet comp lab, however. It is for a comfortable chair or table upon which to study and/or do homework. I have yet to find that place on this campus.

There is a lounge, but this lounge has traffic running through it and sometimes even more disrespectful people. Well, I should be studying right now, but I simply cannot. The noise is too much.

So, I have decided the best place to study is the Health and Wellness Center. Yes, the HWC is loud, but its noise volume is perfect: a perfect hum of voices and music over the PA. I found a nice lounge above the track with comfortable tables and chairs. It is here you will find me from now on.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A little bit about whats going on with me

Ive got a few hours to spare before class. Break was a blast and now Im back in school, because, like Ive always said, schoos fo foos. And that is me: a fool. Being back in school feels good though, and Im glad to be back and involved once more.
For you guys who dont know what Im doing, I am setting up a personally designed major. It is quite the process. I am developing something along the lines of Chemical Dependency Counseling. In the end it will probably have a different name (I can name it whatever I want to) but it will have to do with counseling. Therefore, I will have to end up going to grad school, but lets not think that far ahead right now.
Wednesdays are my long days. I have school from 9am to noon. Then I stay on campus because my roommates bring me here and its too cold to walk the ten blocks back home. I go back to class at 5pm to 7 30pm and from there I go to Intervarsity.
This semester will be a bit challenging, so please pray that everything will work out as far as continuing to piece together my major. Thanks for readin!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nintendo 64: The Final List

Thanks to those who helped me recall this list:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (How could I forget!?)
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask ( could I forget!)
Perfect Dark
Super Smash Bros
Bomberman 64 (new!)
Diddy Kong Racing
Geomen Mystical Ninja (new!)
Super Mario 64
Mario Kart 64Jet Force Gemini
Blast Corps
Star Fox 64
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
Star Wars: Roque Squadron
Fifa 99 (or was it 98?)

If there are any more, please refresh my memory!

Nintendo 64

Remember the Nintendo 64? Help me recall which games I owned! Also, tell me which ones you owned (or still do!), and list seperately the ones I should have owned because they were ESSENTIAL.

Here were the ones I can think of off the top of my head (I'll add the rest later):

Super Mario 64
Mario Kart 64
Jet Force Gemini
Blast Corps
Star Fox 64
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
Star Wars: Roque Squadron

Just facebook me or email me at Thanks!