Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back Home

Hello! Greetings from Superior, WI where its near as hot as it was in China.

I am back from Beijing and it is great to be home! However, my departure was bittersweet. It was sad to say good bye not only to my students, but to those I served with as well, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I will see you all again, but not yet, not yet.

I need to take a moment to reflect on all that I experienced and on the things God showed me. The greatest part of my overall experience was living and working in a Christian community. Being surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ all of the time was amazing. It reminded me of life in the early church - being in a society that persecutes Christianity and living with and relying on your Christian family for all you need.
God showed me what it is like to rely on Him for all you need as well. I did not have easy access to the things I have here, which made communication difficult. I was forced to give control to God. After I did, it was truly a relief. He no longer needs to force me to give up control, I want to give it up willingly any time! Quite the lesson in patience and trust!

The greatest part of our time spent teaching was getting to know the students. They were very thankful for our presence there and after only a short while, they began to question why we were truly in China. This led to many questions and these questions led to opportunities to share Christ with them.

I have more to write, but have to sign out for now.