Saturday, April 30, 2011


I spent some time today looking at my old posts. I cannot believe so much time has past since China or even since Nick passed away. I remember playing nintendo 64 with him and Chris when we were young. Almost 3 years ago I compiled a list of games that I had for the 64 (thanks to Nate who helped me remember!). I want to do the same now for Super Nintendo.

The SNES was the first system I owned and since then I have traded up for each new nintendo system. In recent years there has been a retro gaming comeback. I have been wanting to get another SNES for a while now, but the first step is to make a list of games I had for that system.

Heres my initial stab, then you will have to help me with the rest!

Super Mario Kart
Mario All-Stars
Turtles in Time
Zelda: A Link to the Past
Clayfighter (not sure which one)
Donkey Kong Country

I also remember a number of games that I must have rented a lot but never actually owned.

Anyways, thanks for you help!