Sunday, August 24, 2014


It's a very dark and rainy afternoon. I'm alone in my office on the completely empty fourth floor of my school. I know there are others in the building because there are cars in the lot. Every now and then I hear some distant thunder. I sit and stare out the windows occasionally. I'm still in a slight fog. A result of the nap I just woke up from a few minutes ago.

I spent the morning researching books. Since the spring semester ended, all I've been doing is research. Researching schools, degrees, books, franchises, and how to do this and how to do that. Sometimes its fun other times its a little boring, but it all seems necessary enough for me to keep at it. The fall semester starts in two days and I want to launch into it. I don't want to roll over in a sleepy fog (similar to the haze I'm currently in) into it. I want to LAUNCH into it.

I'm on a mission.

I've hit and gone past the middle mark of my stint in Korea. It's home stretch. It's finish the mission. Part of that mission is to study up on business and entrepreneurship. Something I've always been interested in. Something I realized my love for when I read Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.

So I found a handful of books I'll get from Amazon Kindle and Gmarket and get to studying. I'm always reading at least one book. At the moment it's two. But I've a feeling it'll be more than that once the books start arriving and I really delve in.

I've got a lot to learn but I'm really motivated. I don't feel excitement for classes resuming. I feel excitement for what's beyond the classes. For what happens when there are no more classes to teach. But I'm called to live for God today, so I need to stay in the moment (while still planning for a future).

So my prayer is that I wont miss out on what God is doing around me today. All while keeping the vision and preparing to launch into what's next.