Sunday, July 20, 2014

Website and other ventures

As some of you are already aware, I have started a website. This site will host a selection of fiction and spiritual growth books. It is in its earliest phase of creation, but does already contain several sample chapters to read. However, until I am ready to launch, the address remains a secret:)

Why a website? I needed a break from writing and querying agents/publishers and found building a website to be an enjoyable yet important venture. I want potential publishers to see the initiative towards marketing my first story and the stories I am currently working on. I also have a vision for this site to be a collaboration of artists, both writers and designers. I am excited to say that I have two contributors to the site already.

Another thing I've been working on is cleaning up my youtube channel. I've had two channels for a number of years, but always uploaded to the same one. I'm in the process of making one a personal channel and the other one specifically for my compilation videos I so much enjoy making.

Here's a link to my compilation channel:

Here's a link to my personal channel (still being updated):

If you have a youtube account (or google+) be sure to subscribe to both. I'll be reuploading the rest of my personal videos this week, Lord willing. I'll also be adding some more material to the website.

While I am largely finished preparing for Summer English Camp, I do have some materials I need to print and cut. I wont have many classes this week, giving me plenty of time to work on that.

God bless!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

That moment you realize...

...that you can never go home.

This feeling really sunk in for me only recently. I realized I can never truly return home. The problem is with the word "home." What does it even mean?

When I first arrived in Korea, I didn't want to call my new apartment "home." I just called it my apartment and cringed if anyone asked me, "are you going home?" when referring to going to my apartment. Now I don't care anymore. Largely because everyone has differing ideas about what home is.

If home is a physically building (much in the sense when we call a building church) then I have several. There's my apartment home in Korea, my house in Superior, and my parents house in Minnesota.

If home is the place where you grew up, as in the physical house you spent your childhood in, then that place is long gone. Ten years ago this year since I moved from that place out on my own.

If home is where your biological family is then I am as far from them as I could possibly be. Haven't seen them (other than Facetime) in almost one year.

If home is where the heart is, then it's been spread all over the globe. I've given my heart to many, loved much, even at the cost of it being broken. Besides, the heart "is deceitful above all things" and has lead me astray more times than I can count.

So that being the case, I've had to accept there is no such thing as going home, because I no longer understand what home is. However, regardless of whether or not I find the answer, one thing I know for sure: I will always carry this feeling, the longing to go home.

And I think I know why.

Because my real home awaits me in life beyond this one. My eternal home, my final resting place. I must accept I will carry this feeling until I reach the last destination. But it will be worth all the toil of getting there.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Done With Debt

I have paid off so much of my school loan since coming to Korea that I've cut my monthly interest payment in HALF. It's exciting to watch the debt go down and I look forward to putting all this extra money into savings very soon. 

That was originally going to be a facebook status update when I realized it sounded too haughty. So instead, it goes here! To a place most people will never see, save for those really curious. This post is an update on debt and, despite the misleading title, I have not finished paying off my debt yet. The title reflects an attitude towards debt that I've taken. In the future I will not pay for something I do not already have the funds to pay for.

I have almost hit the halfway mark in my debt payoff plan. I don't think this post is premature though. In terms of number of months in my payoff plan, I HAVE reached the halfway mark. 6 months to go and I started this plan over six months ago. 

I will put an update here as soon as I reach the end. The end is in sight. Thank you Lord, for giving me this opportunity to destroy this debt so quickly. You provided for me and continue to provide. Thank you.