Monday, February 9, 2015

Don't Give Up

Last year I had only 11 posts on this blog compared to 2013's 22 posts. I think part of the reason for that was the idea I would only be in Korea for one year. Now Korea has become my home and because I have settled in so much here, I don't think about updating my goings on.

Everyone has a reason for keeping a blog. Mine is personal to me. It acts like a journal. There are people who read, but it's been a great resource for me to look back and see some of the challenges I've faced and hopes that I've had.

So much time has passed since I changed careers. While I have loved much of this new career, I can't wait to start something new. It's the time before then that's most difficult. So many uncertainties. As I begin the countdown, I look back on the previous year (as I did in a post from Jan 2014 about 2013) and consider what if anything has changed and what if anything was accomplished.

I saw the completion of my first novel (or what I thought was completed at the time, more to come on this later).

I mailed my manuscript to roughly forty literary agents and publishing houses the majority of whom rejected me (the rest did not reply).

I rediscovered my love of reading. I read more books than I can recount in my head, usually reading three books at once, each of a different genre. This led to the fascinating discovery of books I had never before heard of. It also propelled my own writing.

I did 101 consecutive pushups, 15 consec pullups, ten one handed pushups on each arm, a pistol squat with my left leg (and since those early days of squat training I have destroyed my knees, let this be an everlasting lesson to me for not knowing what I was getting myself into with these intense calisthenic exercises).

The only fitness goal I set that I did not reach was a handstand. I blame the weather. I was training outside until the weather became too cold to continue. But, I know, I know. This is just an excuse. I plan to do one by the end of this year as I, hopefully, will learn in the backwoods of Georgia.

Speaking of Georgia, I cannot believe the places I am going this year. I don't think about it because it seems so far from now, but really, in just six months I'll be starting a journey that will take me to many places I've never been before. SO EXCITE. Yes, excite.

I realized more about what I am capable of accomplishing and what I was born to do.
This might be the biggest accomplishment of the year. Any little bit of further understanding on this front is huge. Everyone has a purpose in life and a reason for their existence but few take the time to sit down and understand what it might be. Not what it is, but what it might be. I strongly believe it takes a long time to understand what it is and many people don't even get close to the "what it might be" area.

Take a little time out of each day to think about what your destiny is.