Monday, April 27, 2009

CHINA Update

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for reading and supporting! I am starting to see the beginnings of my financial support coming in. I have an online account at where I can track who is sending support as I am asking everyone to send their donations strait to Teach Overseas. This cuts out the middle man (me!) and saves money on postage and makes things just run smoother.

It is exciting to see the financial support coming in. I would also appreciate your encouragement through letters and emails. If you wish to do this, please write me at

1616 N 22nd St
Superior, WI 54880

Or email me at or, if you have a blogger account, just leave a comment underneath this post! Many of you also use facebook, which is another fantastic way to reach me.
These are the best methods, you can call me, but I keep a busy schedule and it is easier for me to take time out to read your letters. I appreciate your understanding.

Ill keep everyone posted and if this is your first time here, just read the previous two posts to get up-to-date. Thanks!
Love, Jeremy

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Trip to China

Hello Again!!

You are here to read about my trip to China! If you are interested in receiving a support letter as well, please let me know!

On June 21st I will take my flight to Beijing where I will meet someone from Teach Overseas who will take me to Peking University for my five week stay as an ESL teacher. I will be staying on the campus with the rest of the Teach Overseas volunteers and staff. We will be assisting the university students in their ESL classes and spending our time outside the classroom with them as well.

This is my first trip outside of the United States and I am very excited! In order to go to China, I need support from my church body, my family and friends! If you are interested in how to help, you can pray for me and support me financially. I would appreciate both, but understand if you cannot give during this time. I would ask that you pray that God will open the doors for others to give and pray for wisdom for me.

If you are interested in making a donation, please go to
where you can use paypal or credit card. Just select "contribute to teacher or staff member" and put my name in the boxes.

You can also send a check to Teach Overseas by using the address given on the same webpage listed above. Just make sure to write my name on the MEMO line of your check.

Either way you give, Teach Overseas will notify me of your contribution.

Thanks for your time and please continue to visit this blog for updates. I will even continue to update my blog while in China!

Thank you!! Love, Jeremy

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Quick Update. A Call for Prayer.


I thought I would take time to update you on a few things! I really appreciate you taking your time to read this. I wouldn't take the time to post this if I knew you weren't going to read it.

First, and most pressing: I have a job interview at Woodland Hills for a position as a Youth Treatment Specialist! I believe I could benefit greatly from this job and I am asking you pray for wisdom and peace. Also, that when the interview happens (Wed, April 8th) I would not be anxious.

Second: I am going to China this summer (June 21st through August 1st)! I am going with Teach Overseas as a teacher of English. I will update you more on this later, but I ask also for you prayer support. Please pray again for wisdom, but also that God will work in your heart and in the hearts of all my loved ones to assist me in going on my first missions trip!

Thanks for reading!