Monday, April 27, 2009

CHINA Update

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for reading and supporting! I am starting to see the beginnings of my financial support coming in. I have an online account at where I can track who is sending support as I am asking everyone to send their donations strait to Teach Overseas. This cuts out the middle man (me!) and saves money on postage and makes things just run smoother.

It is exciting to see the financial support coming in. I would also appreciate your encouragement through letters and emails. If you wish to do this, please write me at

1616 N 22nd St
Superior, WI 54880

Or email me at or, if you have a blogger account, just leave a comment underneath this post! Many of you also use facebook, which is another fantastic way to reach me.
These are the best methods, you can call me, but I keep a busy schedule and it is easier for me to take time out to read your letters. I appreciate your understanding.

Ill keep everyone posted and if this is your first time here, just read the previous two posts to get up-to-date. Thanks!
Love, Jeremy

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