Monday, May 4, 2009



I want to update everyone on my donation status. I have so far received $1158.00!
I am excited to see the donations coming in. This amount is only from a handful of people so I am really believing that God will meet the goal very soon.

My online account is not updated every day. I check it every day anyways! Please continue to pray. Know that you can give more than once as well!

My time at CMA last Sunday went very well! I felt well received. It was an emotional time for me as CMA is the church I grew up in and I am still very close to many of the people who attend there. They even let me join their worship team that Sunday! It was great to play the drums with Eric, Betsy, Matt, and Pastor Darrell. I really enjoyed the time there and I want to thank everyone for the opportunity to talk!

For anyone from North Bay who is reading this: Please make sure to visit my "Beijing Board" which will be up in the sanctuary this week, from now until I return from Beijing. Just look for a display board near the front of the room.

Thank you for reading and may God bless your life today and this week!


  1. Hey Jer,
    Thanks for posting updates here. I don't often get to Facebook so I won't see any updates there. I go to my blog more often than Facebook so when you post anything new, I see it there. Glad things are coming along well for the financial part of your trip. We'll keep praying things all come together smoothly.

  2. Thanks Tim! I got your check, thank you guys so much!!!