Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Leaving Soon!


I am leaving in 3 days for Beijing! Please pray for my flight...its going to be very long! Here's the details:

I am leaving this Saturday for Stacy, MN to spend some time with Kjrstin and her family. From here I go to Crystal, MN to my parents house where I will spend the night. My mom, Grace, and I are leaving early Sunday for Chicago. We are staying overnight in a hotel near the OHare Airport. My first flight leaves Monday morning at 6am. I will probably need to be at the airport around 4:30am. My first stop is in LA. I have a five hour wait between flights there. I will be meeting Henry, who has been our main liason with Teach Overseas, at the airport. It will be nice to have company in between as I am taking these flights alone! From LA I fly to Korea. There is a short wait there and I fly to Beijing. I am expected to land around 8pm on Tuesday. Pray that this journey will not leave me in too rough of a mindset! The last flight is with 2 other teachers so pray that I will get to meet them possibly in Korea. I am excited about being in Beijing...not so much for the flight over!

I have exceeded my need for finances! Thank you to everyone who supported me. I appreciate all you have done. Please keep me in prayer! Please email me as well! I would love to hear from you!

For now,

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  1. Hey Jer thanks for posting and keeping us informed. Sometimes we feel out of the loop because we live so far away. Your updates help us feel in touch though.

    Don't get nervous! Everything will work out fine. We're keeping you in our prayers.