Monday, June 29, 2009

China! The sequel

Dear Family,
Because of limited internet access here, I cannot always use or The government has blocked these websites from their people. However, one computer that belongs to one of the staff has international internet access on it. It is rare we get the chance to use this computer. I have since set up a G-mail account: Please write me here. Please refer to the guidelines before writing to me. If you do not know what the guidelines are, please contact Pastor Darrell from CMA or Pastor Curt from NorthBay, my mom or dad, or Kjrstin. They can let you know what the appropriate email messages should be.
It is our fourth day of quarantine, meaning on the 30th we will finally be free to roam the campus! This is exciting because the campus has many shops, restaurants, and, hopefully, places to access the internet! Even if the internet in wifi cafĂ©’s is local I can at least access my account. I was told that we may get wireless here soon. It may seem odd that we don’t have wifi here. Let me tell you why this is.
A week before I arrived on campus, Teach Overseas emailed us and told us that the TIP (Total Immersion Program) group would be moving to a new campus. This has good and bad ramifications. Bad because living conditions here are much different than the original campus. The other campus had much cozier rooms each with their own showers and bathrooms. The other campus was much larger. The campus here is smaller, but is located in a much better place – much closer to shops, restaurants, and site-seeing. The other campus was located fifteen miles from anything; a very isolated place. I would trade comfortable living for a place that is blocks from places to go, things to see and do.
Due to the recent change of campuses, TIP is still in the process of moving. In fact, the day our quarantine ends, we are going to the original campus to help TIP move everything. We do not have much here due to the timing of the TIP campus moving, our arrival, and the gov’s forced quarantine. This is also why there is no internet set up here. I should be thankful we have at least one line of internet access that someone is borrowing to us (I don’t know much about it other than only one computer is allowed on at a time).
Pray that God provides us all with His strength to make it until the 30th.
Pray that everyone here can maintain a godly love for one another while we are forced in such close proximity with each other.
Pray that I personally will handle the living arrangements and lack of communication with everyone home.
Pray for one of our teachers who is in the hospital recovering from the flu. He was pulled off the plane when he landed in Beijing – the gov is not taking any chances with the swine flu. This teacher will be going home after his hospital stay. Pray that no one else here gets sick before quarantine ends!
Love and miss you all, Jeremy

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