Sunday, February 2, 2014

The end of time well spent

Tomorrow I go back to teaching regular classes. The old routine of trying to get students to speak English and afternoons of deskwarming. I dont mind it, it's just that I got so used to the way life has been, for the most part, for the last six weeks.

I got to experience life as a full time writer. I wrote almost every day, with a few days off deservedly so, as I wrote nearly six hours every day. I never actually kept track of the time, but I do know that it was a minimum of six hours a day. My brain is a whirlwind of thoughts and at times all I had going through my mind was this darn story.

I also spent my first Christmas and New Years ever away from my family and friends. That was unusual. I hardly had that Christmastime feeling I get that time of year. In some ways it was sad, in other ways it just made me realize that I place to much emphasis on traditions. I missed my family and friends of course.

Finally, I experienced God's peace in the midst of a lot of questioning. How long do I stay in Korea? What will it take to make my life after Korea successful? I have decided that, as long as my school rehires me, I will stay in Korea one more year. I know my family will have a hard time accepting this, but I know its the right thing to do. I have peace about it. For those who might struggle with this, I will pray He gives you peace as well. And remember, nothing is ever definite. Things can always change. We just have to be open to the Lord's leading.

Well, I'm off to bring my story to its conclusion. After which I will spend the next week or so editing before I finally send it off to my brother. It'll feel strange to not be working on something that I've invested so much time in.

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