Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Prayer Closet

I have been working on a list I call "Things to ask in the closet of prayer" for quite some time. Whenever a new one is revealed to me I write it in my notebook. Here is the list so far. I am posting it for the benefit of those who seek God every day. I would also like feedback for more prayers and any verses that would fit with each one. Thank you. First, a prayer upon entering this time with Him:

Let me be in the place your glory dwells. Let me behold your glory.

And then the following:

Remove the wicked way in me. Psalm 139:23-24
Immerse me in your Spirit.
Let me function in the gifts...especially prophecy. I Corinthians 14
Let me dream dreams and see visions. Acts 2:17
Give me a heart of repentance. Psalm 51:10
Reveal to me what you are calling me out of today. I Peter 2:9
Reveal what you are calling me into.

For many these might seem like "one-time" prayers, but they are prayers to pray every day. God called us out of darkness once, but He is continually calling us out of sin even today. Don't stop asking God to function in the gifts even after you believe you are functioning in them. Ask and keep asking. Knock and keep knocking. Seek and keep seeking. Amen.

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