Monday, August 19, 2013

3 days in

I arrived in Korea on Saturday at 4. 봉연 (Bongyeon) met me at the airport and we rode the bus to her sisters apartment in Seoul where we would meet her younger and older sisters. The bus ride was about an hour but it gave me my first glimpse of Seoul. Bongyeon is a great friend. Her and her elder sister cooked dinner for me of sesame chicken, fried chicken, fried pork, bulgogi, rice, and kimchi. It was delicious. Her sisters cannot speak much English, but the little English they spoke and the little Korean I speak somehow worked for us to communicate. It would have been funny to see what that dialogue looked like with Bongyeon translating and all the crazy gesturing. Her sisters are so sweet. They treated me very nice.

The next day was very relaxing. Bongyeon and I talked and reminisced about Superior. She took me to the KTX (Korean high speed train) station and saw me off there for my trip to Ulsan. The KTX is the first high speed train I have ever ridden. The scenery was amazing, but after about 20 minutes I fell asleep! I was lucky enough to wake up in time to get off at my stop. I took the bus from the station to the Ulsan airport where I met the other teachers waiting there. From there we took a bus to the dormitory of the university we are housed at. The first day of orientation just ended and I am back at the dorm writing this. I dont want to go into any details about orientation or about my upcoming job because I have few details and orientation is long and tiring.

I do want to mention one thing before I go to bed. I appreciate what great friends I have in Korea. Miss Bong took such great care of me, reserving my KTX ticket and going to the station with me, along with everything else she did. Many years ago when she was in the States I had the privilege of meeting her and helping her with life in the States. I never thought then that I would need help with life in her country. It's great how the Lord ordains things like this.

I hope youre all doing well. I miss my family and friends in the US. I thank God He gave me a family in Korea.


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