Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our God is in the Heavens

...and He hath done whatsoever He pleased.

Psalm 115:3

Dad gave me this verse. It tells me that God is sovereign and is in control. He will do what is best. As sinful, selfish humans, we cannot decide what the best outcome will be.

As Nick lies still on his hospital bed and I am here in Superior, I feel helpless. But I have Gods peace. God will do what he pleases, because He is sovereign. To know He has total control over Nicks life gives me peace. I am exhausted and feels good to finally rest knowing that I have done all I can: cry out to God. Psalm 34:17

I wait for the outcome, for that phone call that will change me forever. After the call I will never be the same again. When things become black and white all you can do is put your hope in the Lord. When you are brought to a place of utter desperation, you will understand what it is to put your hope in the Lord. Psalm 71:5

I appreciate all your prayers. As you continue to pray, petition the Lord for Nicks life. Pray for healing, but pray also for his family, that they can have hope.

HOPE. I will meditate on that word tonight as I rest. No matter the outcome, God is in the Heavens and he will do what is best. Trust in the Lord with all your heart.


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