Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Learner Teacher

As I continue to study the Korean language every day, I think I should begin to pray God would send me some students I can teach Korean to.

The best way to instill something you are studying is by using/practicing/teaching it. I like teaching, so I think it would be great to teach the things I am studying as I study them.

I can sound and write 한글. I have a vocab of about 500 words. I understand a good deal of grammar. I can have a basic conversation.

토요일에 거예요? What are you going to do on Saturday?
토요일 부산에 거예요. I am going to go to Busan on Saturday.
내일은 입을 거예요? What are you going to wear?
양복을 입을 거예요. I am going to wear a suit.
친구를 만날 거예요? Are you going to meet your friends?
네, 만날 거예요. Yes, I'm going to meet them.
어디에서 친구를 만날 거예요? Where are you going to meet your friends?
친구 울산에서 만날 거예요. I am going to meet my friends in Ulsan.

These are just practice sentences I did tonight as I study the future tense. I enjoy studying. I just wish I could teach it too!

Here are the sites (with links to my pages) I use on a daily basis for studying:

Memrise ( - vocab flashcards
Lang-8 ( - writing corrections - grammar lessons

Good night!

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